Top 10 Tips and Tools for Learning a New Language

Top 10 Tips and Tools for Learning a New Language


Knowing another language is a valuable skill—one that could boost your salary and your brain. While there are many paths to picking up a foreign language, here are ten of the most tried-and-trued ways to become bilingual or even a polyglot.

10. Learn While You Surf the Web

surf website

Chances are, you, Lifehacker reader, are on the internet a lot. If you’re trying to learn a new language, turn that web browsing time into learning time as well. The Language Immersion extension for Chrome helps you build your vocabulary and language knowledge by translating parts of the web page you’re on into your target language. Previously highlighted Readlang is similar, but it also creates flashcards for you and offers other study tools. Bonus tip: read newspaper sites written in your target language for even more practice.

9. Hack Your Home and Your Gadgets to Use the Other Language


Besides your browser, the everyday objects you come into contact with can also be a source of learning. You don’t have to label your pets with Post-It notes, but switching to a foreign language in your phone, tablet, computer, or gaming system could burn more foreign language words into your memory.

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